BEECKY´S honey

Development and adaptation of a small business corporate identity requested by José and Victoria, both young entrepreneurs in the beekeeping field.

Des-Vall website

Web design and programming of website requested by Des-Vall S.L., a company prominent in its area for half a century.

Saber Hacer

Redesigning/Creating the new corporative identity and its versions for the “Castilla y León craftsmen asociation”.

2016 QueBaño! catalogue

Design and layout of 2016 QueBaño! Catalogue, national provider of bathroom accessories.

Branding and web Rey Garzón

These experts in dental prosthesis development required a more professional and modern corporate image. Web design and programming of their new website adapted to their needs as well as their customers'. Additional design and layout of their new catalogue.

Array and disarray a ray

Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts and Design's final project. Editing and photography development consisting on three books regarding photographer Juan Moreno's works. Portrait, Landscape, and Object give shape to this personal project.

“Matter Hand” typeface

Creation and development of the “MatterHand” typeface, based on the handwriting of an educator with over 25 years of experience. “Regular” face, numbers, capital and lower case letters, punctuation, accent marks, and kerning constitute a versatile and friendly typeface.

“Glynth” app

You are a fearless steel sphere going through different typefaces in world history. Be careful with modulations and dead-end serifs, “sans strokes” are your only way. Move your smartphone in any direction and stick to the main path. Good luck!


Redesigning/Creating the new corporative identity and its versions for the “Castilla y León federation of craftsmen´s organizations”.

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